About us

AVACOM, Czech and Slovak market leader, has been manufacturing, developing and selling batteries for almost 20 years. Continuously expanding all over the EU with its wide range of products. Actively reacting to the market demands and following development of modern technologies which is a guarantee our customers are always provided with up-to-date versions of required products. Thanks to the rich experience with service and permanent quality control system AVACOM products are always top standard in the field. Batteries for laptops, cell phones, cameras, camcorders, cordless tools, two-way radios, UPS and other portable devices are not the only products offered by AVACOM. Top quality cells inside each battery guarantee high performance and stability with minimum of failures. Amongst other activities of AVACOM, ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate holder, are custom-made or industrial production of atypical batteries, development, production and maintenance of battery packs as well as UPS batteries replacement, service and prophylaxis. AVACOM is always ready to provide customized solutions.