Charger for smaller batteries NAPB-A010-612

  • Recommended for smaller batteries with a capacity 1.2 - 24Ah.
  • Top quality cables, connecting clamps and lugs. High level of security.
  • Suitable for lead acid, gel and AGM batteries 6/12V.
  • Maintenance mode for long-term battery storage. Compact size, easy to use.

Technical specifications

  • Operating voltage: 100V - 240V ~ / 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Output voltage: 7.2V / 14.4V (+/- 0.25V)
  • Charging current: 1A max
  • Recommended battery capacity: 1.2Ah - 24Ah
  • Maintenance mode for capacity: 1.2Ah - 40Ah
  • Suitable for: lead acid, gel and AGM batteries 6/12V

6V Mode
Suitable for charging 6V battery <24Ah

12V Mode
Suitable for charging a 12V battery <24Ah.

Warning indicator
The LED indicator lights when the battery is damaged / short-circuited / incorrect pole connection.

Main button
Setting charging mode button.

Charging indicator
The LED indicator flashes when the battery is charging / lights constantly when the battery is fully charged.

Smart chip with memory function

The charger is equipped with a smart chip with memory function. After plug in the charger is in the mode that has been set previously.

Detection of batery damage

After plug in the charger is capable to detect battery damage or incorrect pole connection. In such cases it doesn‘t start to charge and LED indicator lights up.

Automatic recovery

The mode is designed to recover deeply discharged battery and cannot be set separately. After plug in charger automatically detects deeply discharged battery and starts to charge by using a lower current. Once the battery pack reaches the normal voltage charger continues in standard charging manner. The maximum duration of the recovery mode is 20 minutes. If the proper voltage is not reached within this time charging is automatically interrupted and the battery is treated as damaged. Warning LED indicator lights up imminently.